The certainty of consuming well

"The fashion industry has been derailed since the Last 20 years , the society of over-consumption is not inevitable and is not the only way forward.

We're opening a new one!

A way where when buying a garment we are sure that the people who produced it are well paid , than the environmental impact is minimal l and above all, that the quality of fabrics and finishes are in the same rank as the largest luxury houses.

All this at an unbeatable price! "

Our rules

RULE n ° 1. Produce a beautiful garment that highlights the person who wears it.

RULE # 2. Design a luxury quality product, paying particular attention to the finishes and fabrics used.

RULE # 3. Set a fair price to properly remunerate the people who produce our parts.

RULE # 4. Make Made in France accessible by ensuring a reasonable price for the consumer.

RULE # 5. Define a fixed price throughout the year to fight against drifts in sales (false price reduction, over-consumption, number of collections, etc.).

RULE # 6. Minimize the impact of the production of a part, by using environmentally and humanly responsible materials and production processes.

RULE n ° 7. No polyester - POINT - not even recycled as it destroys our oceans with every wash and makes you sweat.

RULE 8. Adopting zero waste continence in our production and logistics processes, by reusing our production scraps and by using new technologies.

RULE n ° 9. Making our parts in France to preserve our know-how, create jobs locally and reduce our environmental impact.

RULE # 10. Weaving our fabrics in Europe with recognized know-how such as France, Switzerland or Italy.

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An objective : consume better at the right price, reducing its impact!

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