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#3 LCDE - Fast-Fashion et zéro déchet - Avangarde France

# 3 LCDE - Fast-Fashion and zero waste

🎙️ Episode 3 of The Chronicles of an Entrepreneur is now available 😉

Come and spend 20 minutes with us and one of our friends to discuss the creation of our clothing brand.

In this episode we will talk about:

  • How to recognize a fast-fashion brand
  • Differences between sales and private sales
  • Human and environmental consequences
  • From the zero waste movement allowing everyone to be an actor of change

" The short guide to recognizing quality clothing - introduction to eco-responsible clothing »Is available receive it by following this link .

Find below the various links and references mentioned in the episode:

  • "Your time is infinite" by Fabien Olicard , available here
  • " PMU workshops " , their Instagram available here

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